2008 Pontiac G5

  • 2008 Pontiac G5

    Pontiac G5
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    • Remove and reinstall four wheels and rear brake drums to inspect brake condition. Inspect entire system for leaks. Lining remaining is: Front (0%) Rear (30%) RECOMMEND FRONT PADS AND ROTORS AS WELL AS BRAKE FLUID FLUSH ADJUSTED REAR BRAKES RECOMMEND FRONT TIRE SOON, ON TREAD BARS NOTES: TPMS LIGHT ON BLEND DOOR MAKING TAPPING NOISE
    • DISC ROTOR – Remove & Replace – Front,Both – [Includes: Repack Wheel Bearings (where applicable) and replace Pads (if necessary). DOES NOT include refinishing.]
    • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination. Inspect all hydraulic line and hoses. Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders. Inspect master cylinder and cap. Flush entire brake system including master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders until clean.
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